Gowell is offering the first fully supported, UK QCA-recognised Chinese language qualifications and courses. The GoChinese platform delivers the course materials and supports the internal assessment for the qualifications. The certificates are issued by leading UK examination boards.

Qualifications. The qualifications are approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority of the UK. They are offered at Entry Level and Level One of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and fully mapped to the new National Occupational Standards for Languages (2006). These qualifications are endorsed by The National Centre for Languages (CiLT).

These qualifications allow learners to obtain recognised certification for introductory work done in Chinese. Currently, both Business and Practical Chinese certifications are offered.

GoChinese Courses. These courses - offered in two tracks: Business and Practical Chinese - are focused on developing listening, speaking and cultural skills, with a conversation focus. GoChinese enrich these courses with learning points, exercises and commentary that guide learners and help address their questions. Offline study is also supported; course pages have printer-friendly versions and sound files that can be saved in the MP3 audio format. These courses can be tutor-led or independently accessed by the learner.

The course and qualifications also serve as an ideal path to more advanced qualifications, including the UK's GCSE, U.S. AP exams and the PRC's HSK exams. This comprehensive offering serves effectively as a foundation for a new course or infused into an existing curriculum.

Access Courses & Textbooks for an overview of the unique approach of these courses as well as sample lessons.

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