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GoChinese is an online language publishing and learning platform in which learning materials are contributed or customized by all participants in the learning process - publishers, authors, instructors and learners.

GoChinese supports this flexibility by auto-generating the voice, Hanyu Pinyin phonetics, English definitions and both character forms for all text. This comprehensive and detailed level of support is essential for learning a non-phonetic language that is difficult to use with a dictionary, such as Chinese.

We offer popular textbooks as well as curriculum-based courses and supplementary resources, all in an online, multimedia and interactive format. Instructor-created course materials can be delivered in GoChinese. Our proprietary learning materials can also be customized to fit any particular curriculum.

As a result, GoChinese is able to support a wide range learners, from those in primary schools to universities and corporations.

How learners use GoChinese?

On any text, learners can double-click, highlight or point their cursor to:

  • Hear the spoken voice in Mandarin Chinese (Putonghua)
  • View the definition
  • View the Hanyu Pinyin phonetics
  • View both Traditional and Simplified character forms
  • View any graphics, video or other multimedia formats

Lessons can link to auto-graded exercises, with auto-generated voice, commentary feedback and score progress reports. Homework and testing are supported. Other features such as Podcasts and email status reports are also available.

As a result, learners:

  • Achieve a highly personalized learning experience, addressing one's own focus and needs. Students can also learn from any content of their own interest (as GoChinese transforms any user-submitted content into learning materials)
  • Learn faster and learn more. The spoken voice can be heard for any and all text and learners no longer need to look up words in the dictionary, eliminating much of the manual work with learning. Student performance improvement has been widely documented
  • Gain a seamless learning experience, with access to learning materials used both in and out of the classroom
  • Benefit from revision and assessment opportunities with updated progress reports
  • Easily access this resource anywhere, anytime; no downloads or installation needed

Why educators use GoChinese?

  • Provides access to curriculum-based learning materials while allowing for, if desired, easy customization of these materials to reflect a particular level, pace or focus
  • Rapidly and easily online-enables any instructor-created lessons or exercises, with multimedia and learning elements auto-generated
  • Saves instructor time in marking exercises and creating multimedia resources
  • Allows ability to monitor - real-time - student usage and score performance
  • Able to project GoChinese for group viewing or allow students to access their individual accounts in computer labs, during class. Outside the classroom, GoChinese provides continued learning guidance and supports online homework assignments
  • Effectively supports mixed-level classes, courses with less instructor time, collaborative learning and projects
  • Enables distance learning

GoChinese can work easily with other online learning platforms or intranets and is integrated with the widely-used Blackboard Learning SystemTM.

Gowell is proud to have won the 2006 Asia Pacific ICT Award (APICTA) in Education and Training for GoChinese. The APICTA Awards is an international program that invites participants from 16 countries and economies in Asia.

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